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Lovable Children's Books is the collaboration of Illustrator Laura D'Argo and Author Gregory Leifel, featuring fun, thoughtful original books of their creation.  Learn more about their upcoming books and touring library exhibit, Anatomy of a Children's Book highlighting the book, How Ant Changed the World  and the collaboration process.

As a parent, nothing is better than when your child's eyes sparkle and a smile grows from ear to ear while they reach the AHA! moment. It's the "Aha" that rewards a child's natural curiosity. Loveable Children's Books is dedicated to bringing your child, stories of wonder, delight and achievement.

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How Ant Changed the World.

This simple ant begins a cause and effect that quickly draws in curious others, engaging with him and serendipitously changes the world.

Additional Books in the Series:

How the World Changed Ant

How Ant Changed His Mind


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Ernest the Moth

Not your average moth, Ernest has a higher goal than the lamp post light. Could the moon and the stars be achieved?

                      In Development

What Kind of Light is It?

Your child explores the expansive nature of love with Scout the Squirrel as he exuberantly shares his newly discovered light. Curious forest friends try to define Mr. Squirrel’s light from their perspective. In doing so, they solve a piece of the puzzle and together to reveal the remarkable diversity and inclusivity in sharing love.

                        Coming Soon


Belief can be hard to come by in an uncertain world. Suz's is determined to find something she can believe in for sure.

One book in the Suz Scrapbook Series.

                      In Development

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Anatomy of a Children's Book is an exhibit of framed art traveling in United States libraries, showcasing the progress of a dream to bring a children's story to life and into the hands of a child. It is, itself, the story of such a journey.

Click on the button below to see more about the exhibit, and an online version.

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