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FIne Art - White House

The White House Easter Eggs

This egg painted trompe l'oeil style was painted by Laura to represent the state of Mississippi for the 2002 Easter Egg Collection. 

The bee is Mississippi's state insect. The egg is painted on the shell's surface, smooth with no crack, nor painted inside. 

Laura D'Argo was chosen by the American Egg Board to create these eggs for the White House's Easter Egg Collection. The honor continued with an invitation to meet the First Lady 

Laura Bush, a White House tour and a reception in the First Ladies' Garden.

Both eggs are painted in acrylics on a blown out, brown chicken egg. They will reside in the Presidential LIbrary as a piece of history. 

Laura  was chosen  to represent her state of Illinois in the 2003 Easter Egg Collection. This egg is surrounded by the state flower (violet), tree (oak leaf), insect (monarch) and bird (cardinal feather).

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